- Canada - BC - Abbotsford - 2005-12-08 Christmas Play -

Image Uploaded: Dec 8, 2005

Paul was working on a Christmas play for a friend's church and I decided to offer some set stills on their dress rehearsal. I still need a lot more practice and confidence. I ended up only choosing around 113 for them to use in the end... of 600 . I really need to up that ratio - that's awful! Still, I suppose it's good enough for an amature but it certainly does highlight what needs to be learnt! Managed to record the audio for almost the entire session. I do wish I had some of the software ready since the quality of the record turned out quite well. Surprisingly good for something that's only intended to take notes.

If you were a part of this event, please contact me and I can let you know where the rest of the images are.

Next week is my exam. Must now buckle down and start studying in earnest.

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